And so it began!

Opportunity and timing is the beginning of everything.

This is the story of how was born... Being a firm believer in ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and how things fall into place, maybe this was the time to start something new? I’ve been in Dubai for over nine years now and have always been very close to my family. As the title above suggests, Dubai was an opportunity that unexpectedly presented itself to me, and it turned out to be the next step on my adventure to the grown up world.  Being half way around the world didn’t stop me keeping in regular contact with my family.  Countless calls being made everyday, with the proof based upon the number of hours spent online and the excessive phone bill that landed on my desk each month. Towards the end of last year, I arrived home after a long day in the office.  For me, it was just another normal Tuesday evening.  The usual routine was about to commence – order in sushi, rain check on ladies night and assume the chil…